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Ensors Forensic Accountants - Testimonials

Ensors Forensics Testimonials

Xxx client of Forensic team

Thank you very much for the report. I have a few minor points which I will detail below. However, I mostly want to say a huge thank you for the thorough and careful job that you and Fiona have done. It has been such a relief to us to have your professional and fair point of view backing us up in this awful battle. We feel xxx really has a chance of receiving justice now.

The speed with which you both worked and the urgency with which you responded to every point has been absolutely refreshing after chasing so many organisations for months or years with no response – even when they were ostensibly ‘on our side’! We would heartily recommend Ensors.

Simon O’Meara, solicitor Blackfords LLP

[My client] was today offered a more sensible plea by the Crown, thanks in no small part to your report. As the client has pleaded Fiona you'll no longer be required to attend Court.

Thank you again for your assistance Fiona, and the excellent client care Simon.

Margaret Connolly Tax & Business Consulting

Fiona is simply a fantastic all round, incredibly clever client focused, tax and business advisory partner. Her energy and dedication to her clients' tax and business issues knows no bounds. She is a pleasure to work with and her dedication and positive attitude is infectious

Gill Ereaut Founding Partner, Linguistic Landscapes

I first worked with Fiona some 15 years ago and I've happily stayed with her ever since, wherever she has been. She's always been wise, helpful and available when we needed her - as well as friendly, approachable and happy to make accountancy matters comprehensible to the numerically challenged. And she's fun! It's also been good to see her work in recent years promoting effective use of senior women in professional firms and in senior leadership in general

Leon Clarence, Founder, CEO at Motion Picture Capital - A Reliance Entertainment Company.

Fiona built a tremendous team to service our business product lines and was exceptional in her own right as trusted advisor to our entire structured finance business group. I would strongly recommend Fiona personally as part of any team.

Modwenna Rees Mogg Founder AngelNews Group, NED at Albion Tech & Gen VCT and Asset Match,

Fiona is a rare beast. A thoroughly commercial adviser, with plenty of sage advice to give, who can readily understand long term implications of all decisions as well as the immediate situation. She is forward thinking, inclusive and highly intelligent. It is always a great pleasure to work with her.

Adam Betteridge Owner/ Consultant at Authentic Film Productions Ltd

I’ve worked with Fiona on a number of matters relating to the raising of significant finance and managing the expectations of HNWs. Her in depth knowledge of the legislation and regulations has been invaluable in ensuring we satisfied the various tax regulatory and accounting requirements. She is a committed professional, has an excellent eye for detail whilst always remaining sensitive to the commercial requirements.

Stephen Norton Daedalus Partners LLP

Fiona and her team always presented effective and efficient to solutions to all the many issues which were presented. A truly holistic and creative approach

Daniel Green, CEO at Yaqrit Ltd, and Principal Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College

Fiona combines top level professionalism and integrity with a human touch. I recommend her highly and hope that we get a chance to work together again.

Gill Sainsbury, Founder & Managing Director at Gill Sainsbury PR

It is always a privilege and a pleasure to work with Fiona. She is an astute and dynamic business woman with enormous energy and enthusiasm. Not only does she walk the talk, but she inspires those working around and with her to do the same. A strategic thinker with well-honed communication skills and impressive leadership capabilities, her presence on any team or project is an invaluable asset not to be overlooked. 


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