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Ensors Forensic Accountants - Testimonials

Ensors Forensics Testimonials

Xxx client of Forensic team

Thank you very much for the report. I have a few minor points which I will detail below. However, I mostly want to say a huge thank you for the thorough and careful job that you have done. It has been such a relief to us to have your professional and fair point of view backing us up in this awful battle. We feel xxx really has a chance of receiving justice now.

The speed with which you both worked and the urgency with which you responded to every point has been absolutely refreshing after chasing so many organisations for months or years with no response – even when they were ostensibly ‘on our side’! We would heartily recommend Ensors.


Simon O’Meara, solicitor Blackfords LLP

[My client] was today offered a more sensible plea by the Crown, thanks in no small part to your report. 

Thank you again for your assistance and the excellent client care Simon.


Instructing lawyers - Commercial dispute - joint venture

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in this matter. [We] were greatly impressed by the speed in which you dealt with matters and ultimately the quality of the report that was produced even though we never got to the point where it was served!


Instructing lawyer

Many thanks Andrew and also a big thank to Lance for all his hard work over the last few days.


Instructing client on internal audit and investigation

Great. Thanks for all your help. Your work really moved us forward.


Instructing lawyer, family matter

Thank you for turning this around and for all of your work over the past few days. As both Counsel and I said, it has greatly assisted us.


Instructing solicitors (professional negligence matter)

Thanks again for all your hard work ...... we do appreciate your efforts over the last few weeks.




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